Can't fully envision your dream backyard? We offer 2D/3D designs so you can finally see what you've always wanted. This process allows you to look at "draft" designs and make changes like adding a water feature or removing some plants. 

Outdoor living spaces can be defined as a furnished patio, with a dining area, a kitchen area, and plantings all integrated with some type of fire or water water element. Our goal is for you to enjoy your back yard with permanent structures that will last a lifetime. It's easy to be the life of the party when your hosting the best gatherings!

If you're looking to update that old, outdated, and possibly dangerous walkway / patio contraption then it's time to do it. Click the link to see completed work.

Permeable systems are a great way to avoid costly drainage systems and unwanted run-off pollution. Elmwood representatives can inform you if your project may need or require a permeable system.

They are also great solutions for outdoor showers, to remove the need for an ugly drain cover and filtration pipe. 

Our walls are installed to ICPI and NCMA specifications. Walls over 4ft should be properly designed to support the anticipated load behind it. Some Segmented Retaining Ealls may a stamp from an engineer.

 Have a water problem? Call us right now and we guarantee we will have a solution to solve it! From dry wells, to downspout diversion, we can do it all. We are also licensed to complete Septic System Repairs in the following Massachusetts towns: East Bridgewater;

There is no better way to extenuate the finest points of your landscape while protecting your home and family from potential un-welcome guests. Using LED fixtures, lighting is brighter and more efficient than ever before.

We design, install, and maintain irrigation systems for your lawn and garden. All of our systems are designed to conserve energy and water, by providing proper quantities of water when and where it's needed. We open, adjust, and repair the systems in the spring, and we will winterize them in the fall.

We design and install a variety of landscape plantings; adding color, aroma, and texture to your landscape. In addition we treat and care for your trees and shrubs, protecting your beautiful investment for many years to come.

Snow Maintenance Services

 We offer snowplowing, ice management, and snow removal services for Commercial parking areas.